NFL tops 2017 list of ‘buzziest brands’ – but not for a good reason

Nearly one million Americans weighed in on the year’s “buzziest” brands, naming the controversial NFL as top contender.

Amazon, Facebook, Walmart and Fox News rounded out the top five in Morning Consult’s Buzziest Brands in America Rankings.

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“Almost 1 million Americans weigh in to determine which brands garnered the most attention this year,” the report stated. And the National Football League certainly had its share of attention with the ongoing controversy over protests during the national anthem that ignited backlash, boycotts and even remarks by the president.

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The NFL’s total buzz of 64 percent was made up of 36 percent negative buzz and 28 percent positive buzz.

The past year “produced a number of memorable brand controversies,” Morning Consult said. “But not all scandals are equal—in terms of scope, media coverage and especially, consumer reaction. Morning Consult asked almost 1 million U.S. adults whether the news they saw, read or heard about one of the over 900 brands Morning Consult Brand Intelligence tracks was positive or negative.”

Negative headlines were a major factor for United Airlines and the NFL as they “propelled them to the buzziest brands of the year.” United, coming in at number 7, saw a public relations nightmare in 2017 when video of the forced removal of a passenger went viral.

But, according to Morning Consult (though the airline company saw its favorability drop from 57 percent to 35 percent in one week) “consumers’ short memories, and the airline industry’s limited choices” left no long-term damage on the company.

Amazon got the most positive buzz, with 55 percent positive and only 6 percent negative, earning it the number 2 spot.

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Fox News earned a tie with Walmart in fourth place, with 30 percent of the buzz for the news network being positive.

CNN came in at number 18 with its positive and negative buzz percentages being fairly close.

Other brands that faced public scandals like Uber were in the top 20 though Morning Consult noted that “negative buzz doesn’t always mean lasting brand damage.”

“Companies with the most negative buzz saw a long-term impact only if they were already dealing with scandals,” Morning Consult said.

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