Forget ‘secret Santa,’ Nude model walks the streets wearing bodypainted Christmas outfit

If there’s anything social media has taught us, it’s that people will do anything for attention.

Model Lili Jasmijn gave New Yorkers a titillating holiday treat by parading around nude in a faux Christmas outfit that was painted on by body painter, Jen Seidel.


Seidel gave a peek at the body painting process in several videos she posted to her Instagram account (see below).

In one clip, Jasmijn patiently stands in an apartment wearing a thong and nipple pasties as Seidel’s team of artists paint on a blue and white Christmas “sweater” and green, white, and red “stockings.”

The barely-clothed Jasmijn then casually strolls around Rockefeller Center as passersby largely ignore her.


Jasmijn then drops by a bar, where she stuns patrons by revealing she’s not wearing any clothes. “Oh my God! You’re painted?” one woman squealed in surprise.

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Meanwhile, it didn’t look like any of the guys minded getting an eyeful of the bubbly model.


Apparently, prancing around half-naked wearing Christmas-themed “outfits” is a thing now.

Some women decorate their exposed breasts to resemble reindeer as part of a wacky holiday fashion trend modeled after the “ugly Christmas sweater” phenomenon.

Meanwhile, check out this eye-popping video clip of the Christmas body painting. The transformation will stun you.

In this video, a store manager called the police on a model in painted-on jeans after she sashayed around a busy mall.

Would you do this?

Samantha Chang


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