If you thought your office Christmas party was boozy, even the air at one crazy college bash failed a breathalyzer

Some people take their partying to a whole new level.

Police in Maryland broke up a fraternity party in which the indoor air tested positive for alcohol on at least one breathalyzer.

Montgomery County Police arrived at the off-campus red brick home to check up on an event titled “Tequila Tuesday,” WJLA reports.

Three officers were dispatched when neighbors called police to report noise disturbances. The partygoers looked through the windows and walked away, before a few of the hosts eventually opened the door.

Police observed insulation and trash bags on the windows. Cans and liquor bottles were strewn about the house, and the floor was sticky with alcohol.

(Photo: Google Maps).

Officers set up breathalyzer stations. The home’s ambient air registered 0.1 for alcohol.

To avoid being cited by police, eight partygoers locked themselves inside a bathroom, while one jumped out of a second story window.

The police charged six tenants with counts of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Image: Shutterstock

The six individuals belong to American University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter. The college implemented four active sanctions against the fraternity.

When even the air in your home fails a breathalyzer test, you might have had too much to drink.


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