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After historic tax cut victory, POTUS arrives in Palm Beach to a rock star’s reception

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While the likes of CNN tout low “approval” numbers, enthusiastic crowds prove how many Americans really feel about President Trump.

The president will spend Christmas at his luxurious Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida.

Air Force One landed in Palm Beach Wednesday afternoon, where the Commander-in-Chief was greeted with emotional cheers from a multitude of supporters.

Naturally, kissing future Republicans was in order:

And there were plenty of Trump supporters with hat in hand, hoping for an autograph from the big man himself.

Trump proudly held up a homemade sign that read: Keep on Tweeting!

President Trump interacted with eagerly waiting folks on the tarmac, and also held up a supporter’s copy of the book “How Trump Won,” co-authored by Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollack.

The president was again cheered by bystanders on the road as his motorcade made its way to the Winter White House.


Around the time of his arrival, President Trump tweeted out support for Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis, whom he encouraged to run for governor in 2018.


The president came to his holiday home-away-from-home on the heels of Congress passing the largest tax overhaul in three decades.

The approval of the Trump-backed tax relief bill prompted several major corporations to give their employees benefits like bonuses and raises.

Under President Trump, Christmas came early this year for thousands of Americans.


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