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James Woods DESTROYS Bill Kristol for ‘creepy’ comment! ‘Only an elitist cupcake like you …’

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The only one who might fear sweeping tax reform more than quivering Democrats is conservative, die-hard never-Trumper Bill Kristol.

James Woods News
James Woods News

Unlike President Trump and Republican lawmakers on the Hill, Kristol wasn’t in the mood to celebrate the historic tax bill that was passed early Wednesday morning.

As Trump touted the achievement on the White House lawn, social media was buzzing with debate.

Liberals parroted Democrat talking points about tax cuts only serving the rich, while bigwig CEOs proved them wrong and simultaneously announced big bonuses for employees as a result of the tax reform.

All of that Trump “winning” was too much for the Weekly Standard’s top editor who’s been a constant critic of the President. Kristol called the idea of bonuses “creepy” and warned it could be leading to a dangerous place… the “Road to Corporatist Serfdom.”

Many Republicans would argue that a bloated and corrupt government perpetually taking large amounts of American’s hard earned money feels a lot more like the “road to serfdom.”

Kristol’s doomsday tweet fired up conservative actor James Woods who called the disgruntled editor a “cupcake” for acting like an elitist sore loser.

The $1.5 trillion tax bill reduces the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Republican lawmakers are banking the cut will repatriate corporate money and put more dollars in the hands of its employees.

Hours after passing the historic legislation, AT&T, Boeing, Comcast, Fifth Third Bancorp, and Wells Fargo announced major bonuses, pay raises and new incentives for small businesses, Fox Business reported.

Other conservatives took note of Kristol’s comment and fired away:


Trump derangement syndrome will do that to you.

While Kristol reluctantly sits in the Republican “naughty corner” there will be a lot of Americans celebrating this Christmas knowing they will be able to keep more of THEIR money. How doesn’t it get more conservative than that?


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