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Sarah Sanders crushes Congressman for fake news: ‘Dear @TedLieu – I don’t serve in Congress, but I can read …’

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders torpedoed Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu for spreading a fake news tweet that was later deleted by The Hill.

“Dear @TedLieu – I don’t serve in Congress, but I can read,” Sanders tweeted. “If you had read the story, not an incorrect tweet, you would see that what I said was Dems should be begging to help Americans keep more of their money. You should spend less time tweeting, more time doing your job.”

Ted Lieu used this false, deleted tweet by The Hill to accuse Sarah Sanders of lying. She jabbed back with a knockout punch. (screenshot/BPR)

The brouhaha erupted after The Hill twisted Sanders’ words from an interview on “Fox & Friends,” when she said the following:

“Democrats shouldn’t need to be begged to be a part of cutting taxes for the American people. They should’ve been begging and banging down the door of the building behind me to be part of this process and to be part of helping more Americans be more successful.”

The Hill misrepresented the comments on Twitter as: “Huckabee Sanders: GOP ‘begged’ Dems to work on tax reform.”

Using The Hill’s inaccurate Twitter headline, Lieu accused Sanders of lying, tweeting: “Dear @PressSec: You don’t serve in Congress. I do. And I can say with absolute certainty that you are lying.”

Sanders fired back by pointing out that The Hill’s tweet was wrong. She said if Lieu had read the story (and not just reacted to the false tweet), he wouldn’t have spewed verbal diarrhea once again.

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Lieu later deleted his tweet after blaming The Hill for his error. But naturally, he took a snarky jab at the Trump White House instead of manning up and owning his mistake like a mature adult.

This isn’t the first time Ted Lieu has made a fool of himself in a bid to make headlines (probably to deflect from his lack of legislative accomplishments).

In November, Lieu came under fire for walking out during a moment of silence to memorialize the 26 people who were murdered in a Texas church shooting.

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The junior congressman from California hijacked the moment of silence in the House of Representatives to grandstand and rant about gun control. Lieu was widely slammed on Twitter for his tasteless stunt.

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