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Laura Ingraham cuts smug pro-abortion guests mic: ‘I didn’t show you a hamster, it’s not a piece of tissue, it’s a baby!

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An intense abortion debate escalated to the point that Laura Ingraham ended a show’s segment by cutting off her guest’s microphone.

Trial attorney Rachel Self appeared on Tuesday’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News to discuss with the host the recent court ruling, opposed by President Donald Trump’s administration, to allow pregnant illegal immigrant teens entering the United States to have abortions.

Self, who specializes in criminal defense and immigration law, said “almost 80 percent” of the young girls “on their journey here wind up victims of sexual violence.”

The attorney and Ingraham disagreed over which government agency was housing the undocumented pregnant teens before the Fox News host questioned why the U.S. was even responsible for providing the abortions the illegal immigrants were requesting.

Self’s explanation that the girls wanted these abortions “taken care of” did not sit well with Ingraham.

“‘Taken care of’- it’s a baby!” she reacted.

“Do you know what a pre-born baby at six months looks like?” Ingraham asked, putting up an image on the screen. Self, however, did not have a monitor to see the image, prompting Ingraham to advise her to “check your DVR.”

“Look at that baby in the face!” Ingraham said.

“Look at that baby and you tell me-” she said as Self continued to speak.

“Let’s not get sidetracked,” Self responded. “So we’re not interested in discussing the law, because that’s why I’m here.”

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“As a human being, I just want you to look at that face,” Ingraham said again.

“Again, you’re showing things that I can’t see!” Self responded.

“I didn’t show you a hamster! I showed you a baby! A baby!” Ingraham exclaimed. “It is a baby! I didn’t show you a hamster, it’s not a piece of tissue, it’s a baby! And it makes you very uncomfortable. That’s why you’re talking over me.”

Eventually, Ingraham had Self’s mic cut off so she could explain her view without having her guest continually speak over her.

“I understand what you’re saying about what the law is,” she concluded as Self could be seen speaking with no audio. “But we’re talking about a human being and we’re talking about an illegal immigrant who has violated our laws. That’s all I wanted to say.”

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