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Trump’s Hall of Presidents robot is making everyone do a double take. Can you see why?

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Nothing involving Donald Trump these days can go without debate, conspiracy or controversy.

The new animatronic President Trump to debut in Disney’s “Hall of Presidents” is no exception, and was all the buzz throughout social media on Tuesday.

Conservatives cheered the presidential robot’s patriotic message, while liberals bemoaned its very existence.

And somewhere in between sparked debate about who the new robot reminded them of – and it wasn’t necessarily the man whose image it was made to represent.

Wait, who?

The likeness of Disney’s Trump robot with actor Jon Voight was soon to catch on, and became a Twitter trend.

Actor Jon Voight. Image: screen shot.

Trump detractors took it as an insult and quickly piled on to take their shots:

MSNBC in disbelief: Nancy Pelosi hits Democrats at tax bill protest with the ultimate insult

Now, now children. There are worse things than having a Trump robot look like fellow conservative, Jon Voight.

For example… it could look like, say, Hillary Clinton?!

Oh, no.

Emmy nominated “humorist” Jesse McLaren who works for Buzzfeed didn’’t want to spread the Hillary “conspiracy theory,” but…


Trump accuser applied for position with his campaign, her job would have been very ‘hands on’

Way to tie it all together.


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