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Nancy Pelosi goes off the rails with tax bill grandstanding on House floor: ‘Morally obscene’…’theft’

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House irrelevancy Nancy Pelosi just went off the rails against the GOP tax cut bill in monumentally dishonest and inflammatory fashion. That’s saying a lot, for the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi.

“In this holy time, the moral obscenity and unrepentant greed of the GOP tax scam stands out even more clearly,” Pelosi said.

She continued to rail against the tax cut bill, which would not only cut taxes for corporations, but would lower tax bills for many in the middle class.

“This GOP tax scam is simply theft — monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it,” she prattled.

Let’s get one thing abundantly clear before the Senate passes through this bill after a House re-vote.

It’s the people’s money, not the government. If there’s anything that constitutes “theft,” it’s the way politicians like Pelosi feel they are entitled to people and companies’ money for any reason whatsoever.

Kyle Becker


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