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Laura Ingraham does Yoda, mocks Mark Hamill for getting hit with giant Cruz missile

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham did a quick segment on last weekend’s “net neutrality” Twitter spat between “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but it was her Yoda impression at the end that got everyone’s attention.

“The force may be with Luke sky walker but the facts are with Ted Cruz,” Ingraham said as she began the segment. “Actor Mark Hamill, whose latest “Star Wars” flick is killing it at the box office, is dueling with Senator Cruz. What are they battling over though? Net neutrality. I kid you not.”

“It all became with a tongue-in-cheek video from FCC chairman Ajit Pai celebrating the virtues of appealing net neutrality,” continued the Fox News host. “And at one point he put on a black hoodie while swinging a lightsaber as the “Star wars” theme played.”

“Well, that was too much for Mark Hamill,” Ingraham said, as she read the bulk of the following Twitter exchanges between the two:

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Ingraham concluded with an epic jab at Hamill’s “qualifications” to weigh in on the issue, then finished with a flourish – a Yoda impression!

“Hamill has been hammering President Trump on Twitter for months and now feels qualified to weigh in on net neutrality because of his long distinguished career on screen in films such as “Star Wars” and “Star Wars” sequels. As Yoda once said, war does not make one great. That was pretty good. We’ll be right back.”

On the Yoda impression, it may not exactly get Ingraham a Hollywood voice-over role, but let’s just say “horrible, it was not.”

There was some discrepancy on Twitter though:

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