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A gun on his lap and a ‘thousand-yard stare’ made officers shoot one of their own 9 times

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An unsettling video showing authorities shooting a former sheriff’s deputy in his car is making waves, but Black Lives Matter won’t be holding any protests.

Mark Bidon, who stepped down from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado in 2010, died after being shot nine times during a confrontation outside his former place of employment.

On October 29, Bidon parked outside the exit to the employee’s parking lot at Arapahoe County Sheriff’s headquarters, Fox 31 reported.

Bidon blocked the exit gate with his red Kia. When a sheriff’s deputy exited the lot, he waited for Bidon to move forward so he could get his vehicle out.

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(Photo: Screen Capture).

Deputy Buddy Gillespie went up to Bidon and asked if there was something wrong. He described the former law enforcement officer as having a “blank stare on his face.”

Bidon eerily told Gillespie “Yeah, I’m here for my orders,” prompting the officer to radio for backup. He reported Bidon as “having a mental episode.”

(Photo: Screen Capture).

Two other deputies arrived on the scene. One of them had reportedly worked alongside Bidon and recognized him.

But officers were concerned when they saw a gun on Bidon’s lap. He gave a “thousand-yard stare” according to deputies.

“Don’t move one inch, I’m serious, ok?” one of the deputies warned, aiming a gun at Bidon’s head. One of the officers reached inside the car to grab the weapon, and a struggle allegedly ensued.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

In the footage, one of the deputies was heard yelling “Don’t, don’t, don’t. don’t, don’t.”

Bidon allegedly pointed his gun at the officers, leading them to fire at him. After, they discovered the sheriff’s office paraphernalia on Bidon’s person.

Mark Bidon. (Photo: Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office).

The sheriff’s statement read: “When the man turned the gun toward one of them, deputies discharged their weapons to stop the threat.” CPR was performed on Bidon without success.

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After reviewing the footage, the district attorney’s office ruled that the deputies acted correctly.

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