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Trump’s lawyers and Mueller investigators set to have a good old-fashioned sitdown this week

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President Donald Trump’s attorneys will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller and his team this week amid growing public concern over the Mueller team’s anti-Trump bias.

It’s unclear who requested the meeting, but the news was leaked to CNN, so one can infer the leak probably came from the Mueller side.

President Trump’s lawyers will reportedly meet with Robert Mueller’s team this week. (screenshots)

Sources told CNN the Trump team wants to know how much longer the costly, taxpayer-funded investigation will continue, especially since it has produced no evidence of collusion after a year.

The Mueller team has not requested interviews with President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, underscoring once again that investigators have nothing on Trump. It’s likely the White House wants an update on the probe as we enter a new year.

Meanwhile, Trump attorney Ty Cobb said the president has no intention of firing Mueller, even though he has the constitutional authority to ax Mueller and shut down the investigation if he wants to.

Robert Mueller should ‘put up or shut up’ if he has evidence of collusion, say GOP lawmakers

President Trump has the right to fire Robert Mueller but has no plans to right now since Mueller is doing a great job of discrediting his own investigation. (screenshots)

At this point, why should Trump fire Mueller? He’s doing a pretty good job of firing himself, given the tsunami of damning reports showing the Mueller team is tainted beyond redemption because of its anti-Trump bias.

Amid bombshell reports of lurid unprofessionalism and partisanship, the Mueller team has been accused of violating Trump staffers’ constitutional rights by “improperly” seizing tens of thousands of emails without their knowledge.


Kory Langhofer, an attorney for the Trump transition team, said Mueller violated the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.” Oops.

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