Bourbon with that? Sarah Sanders hilariously trolls April Ryan… nearly drives Rosie O’Donnell over the edge!

Who doesn’t like their holiday fixins’ served with a side of sass – especially when it comes from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

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Not only does Sanders have to go out and defend President Donald Trump’s controversial use of Twitter … she seems to be following his lead!

Sanders took her ongoing feud with biased liberal reporter April Ryan to hilarious new heights Monday night with a series of colorful tweets:

Sanders then went on to thank Chief of Staff Nick Ayers for the festively wrapped pecans:

Ayers must have been in on the “joke” between Sanders and Ryan that started when the liberal reporter questioned the authenticity of a pecan pie Twitter-pic Sanders said she baked at Thanksgiving.

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Naturally, whether or not Sanders had actually baked the Thanksgiving dessert (we believe she did) became the subject of great conspiracy. The sassy Press Secretary seemed more than happy to keep it going with some good, clean fun:

Wha-la! Beautiful pecan pies for tomorrow’s White House press corps!

The lighthearted fun was apparently too much for bitter Rosie O’Donnell who went into a rage over the innocuous tweets:

Relax Rosie, no need to take “piegate” that seriously.

Sanders did receive a lot of accolades for her humor and down home demeanor. Even April Ryan (for once) seemed to appreciate it:

Like a Twitter-fungus, O’Donnell was there to spoil the fun over all the “happy pie talk”:

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Rosie did have a point, as the dynamics between Sanders and Ryan hasn’t been entirely “happy.” Sanders recently blasted Ryan for having her “mind in the gutter” when she accused President Trump of launching a “sexist” tweet against Dem. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sanders also made mincemeat of CNN’s Jim Acosta when he refused to follow the rules during a bill signing by President Trump.

Perhaps, Sanders should bring the Bourbon along with the pies for Thursday’s press corps.



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