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Morning Joe erupts at Trump’s provocative response to Kristen Gillibrand: ‘It makes my blood boil’

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Kristen Gillibrand is demanding that President Trump resign over unproven allegations submitted by over a dozen women that he engaged in sexual misconduct.

The president fired back on Tuesday at the New York Senator:


Over which Gillibrand retorted that he cannot ‘silence’ women:

Morning Joe, of course, felt compelled to weigh in on the situation:


“I just want to say something beyond the fact that is reprehensible that the president of the United States would say something so derogatory and disgusting about a woman, we’re not surprised Mr. President, you do it all the time,” Brzezinski said. “You treat women terribly and you treat the women around you even worse and you treat women like punching bags because it’s fun for you because you are intimidated by women. That’s your problem.”

“But for the people who work for you, you need to act. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, good luck today in the briefing,” Brzezinski said. “Don’t lie and do not defend the president of the United States for what he did. If you do, you have no credibility and you should step down, you should resign.”

“It makes my blood boil,” Mika added.

Let’s set something straight here: The evocative “punching bag” language is the use of visual imagery to imply that the president is violent against women. It goes without saying that there is not a shred of evidence in the public forum that backs up any such conclusion.

Furthermore, despite the media’s deliberate conflation of Trump engaging in admittedly rough language about sexual relations and the acts of a sexual predator, a brief check of the infamous “grab them by the pus**” transcript shows that he prefaced it by saying that women “let” him do it. Therefore, Trump is implying that it’s consensual.

Whether or not the women accusers’ claims about Trump are true, sexual misconduct and rape need to be proven in a court of law. Due process does not go out the window when politicians are involved; indeed, due to the higher stakes involved for the country, that is precisely when Americans need more due process protections.

The Democratic Party and its media allies do not decide who is president and who is not; whether or not people like Trump, he is the duly elected president. If liberal Democrats don’t want him re-elected, they’re going to have to try something different: Like propose policies that actually benefit all Americans and make a better argument come election time.

Kyle Becker


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