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Kristen Gillibrand is appalled at what Trump called her on Twitter after she demanded his resignation

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New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand started a feud with President Donald Trump in what has become a bizarre turn in U.S. politics.

Gillibrand demanded that the duly elected President of the United States resign over unproven allegations of sexual misconduct, and what surely must be a flashback for conservatives to the Clinton era.


Donald Trump was not going to play beanbag with the New York Senator over the accusation and lit her up on Twitter:


Gillibrand responded with the strawman argument that the president cannot “silence” her or millions of women:

Suspect’s family responds to attempted subway bombing. They’re ‘outraged’ over NYPD’s behavior!

The escalation of the feud continues a liberal Democratic trope that the president is on the frontlines of the “war on women” and resisting his presidency is a call to arms for all women. Gillibrand should consider how well that worked out for Hillary Clinton.

Kyle Becker


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