NY City removes ‘kissletoe’ from Grand Central Station due to outcry. Any bigger things to worry about?

DCNFGabrielle Okun, DCNF

Grand Central Station (Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images)

New York City removed its mistletoe nicknamed “kissletoe” from Grand Central Station due to the outcry from women Friday.

An organization named the” Grand Central Partnership” took down its mistletoe and signs reading “Pucker up!” due to the backlash, President Fred Cerullo told the The New York Post. Women believed that such signs would encourage unwanted advances from strangers, believing it a tone-deaf message in wake of the growing awareness for sexual misconduct in 2017.

“Having the mistletoe up might give people ideas,” New Yorker Barbara Schwartz, 67, told The New York Post.

“It’s a holiday tradition but given the conversation about sexual assault right now it’s bad timing,” added Sondra Rapoport of the Upper West Side.

Cerullo previously voiced his frustration at the outcry to the “kisseltoe,” advising them to simply not stand under the mistletoe, reported The New York Post Thursday.

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