ISIS-inspired attack in NY City Port Authority during rush hour; explosion on subway, suspect in custody

New York City was shaken by an explosion Monday morning at Port Authority near Times Square that authorities link to an attempted suicide bombing.

The suspect had an explosive device strapped to him that improperly detonated preemptively, injuring him and one bystander, Fox News reports.

Preliminary reports say the suspect had two explosive devices on him, one of which exploded, injuring him.

Former NYC Commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC the pipe bomber at Port Authority is  37-year-old from Bangladesh and acted in name of ISIS. He has been a Brooklyn resident for seven years. He qualified his statements by cautioning that all the information is preliminary.

NYPD responded to reports of an explosion at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

At least one person was injured and one is in custody, PIX 11 reported. Multiple subway lines have been evacuated and trains are bypassing Times Square and Port Authority.

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Police said the man possessed a “possible second device. He was found in the subway tunnel and was described as “having wires coming out of him.”

Suspects in the incident have not been named. The White House reported President Trump has been briefed on the situation.

Raw VIDEO reportedly of ISIS-inspired subway explosion in New York City the moment it happened


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