Before Army-Navy game, everyone joined together to show NFL and America how to sing national anthem

There are few certainties in post-Obama America, but one sure thing is that NO ONE was taking a knee during the national anthem Saturday when Army and Navy faced off at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

And if that alone was not enough to move you, the performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” will get the job done.

Against a snowy backdrop, the Army-Navy combined men’s and women’s Glee Clubs and Gospel Choir “rocked” the national anthem.

The powdery ambiance had an almost heavenly feel to it, offering a refreshing change to an all too common scene before NFL games of millionaire players disrespecting the national anthem by refusing to stand.

No sir. The only politics on display at the annual Army-Navy football game was which branch of the service you supported — Spoiler Alert: For the second consecutive year, Army prevailed 14-13.

Images of young service members standing at attention, saluting the American flag as snow fell upon them was as patriotic as it gets.

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SG Army-Navy

It was a scene the left goes to great lengths to hide from Americans. Black, white and brown, proud men and women stood shoulder to shoulder to pay tribute to the United States of America.

SG Army-Navy3

Their rendition of the national anthem was a goosebumps delivering performance, as one social media users noted while sharing a video of the powerful moment.


Here’s another angle of the inspirational performance, taken from the stands:

Tom Tillison


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