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Roy Moore is going to get on his horse and ride it all the way to Election Day… even to the ballot box

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The horse Roy Moore rode in on has carried him to the brink of the U.S. Senate, so why not ride it the rest of the way?

(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

On Tuesday, the Alabama Senate candidate intends to continue a tradition he and his wife, Kayla, have practiced during every election Moore has run – riding horses to the their polling location. According to The Hill, Moore’s campaign schedule for the December 12 election day includes a “Traditional Horseback Ride to their Polling Location.”

The pair also rode horseback for both rounds of the Alabama GOP primary, the first round in August and when Moore defeated Sen. Luther Strange for the right to face the Democratic opponent for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat.

Although Moore has enjoyed steady leads of late, the race became more competitive when a slew of women began to accuse the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice of various transgressions while they were teenagers and Moore was a twenty to thirty-something lawyer.

Moore has vehemently denied the charges against him and, despite falling behind in the polls for a bit, has seemed to weather the storm as the RNC and even President Trump have decided to support him for the seat.


Meanwhile, virtue-signalling Establishment Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan continue to call for Moore to step down, as if what Moore may or may not have done decades ago is somehow worse than electing a pro-abortion, anti-second amendment, pro-big government, pro-open borders Democrat to an Alabama seat that in any sane world would go to a Republican in a landslide.

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Thankfully, the people of Alabama don’t seem to agree.

Of course, libs have an entirely different take on the whole horse thing…

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