Mika Brzezinski’s getting lit up like a Christmas tree for her attack on Sen. Franken accuser

Mika Brzezinski plunged headlong into a stunning display of hypocrisy as she reacted to news of Sen. Al Franken’s resignation.

Following several sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him, the Minnesota Democrat announced Thursday he would be stepping down from his Senate seat. This left Brzezinski with an “uneasy” feeling.

“I have an incredibly uneasy feeling about this entire story,” the co-cost of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said on Friday.

Co-host and fiancée, Joe Scarborough, reminded his bride-to-be that she had previously been critical of Democrats for being “hypocrites” on alleged sexual transgressions by former President Bill Clinton.

“I’m concerned about women, who are legitimately sexually harassed in the workplace across America, and where this is taking us,” Brzezinski said, before apparently throwing Scarborough’s note of caution to the wind as she seemed to question the legitimacy of Franken’s first female accuser.

“We’ve never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken,” Brzezinski said.

Radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden alleged that then-comedian Franken groped her while she slept during a USO tour in 2006 and forcibly kissed her on another occasion.  Brzezinski called into question the “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, voted for Trump.”

screenshot al franken gropes leeann tweeden
Franken laughs while he gropes Tweeden as she slept. Image via Twitter.

“I see some politics there, but I haven’t brought that up every step of the way because of course, in this ‘Me Too’ environment, you must always believe the women,” she said.

She also noted that she has spoken to the accusers of former “Morning Joe” analyst Mark Halperin whose NBC contract was terminated after claims that he sexually harassed several women while at ABC News from 1997 to 2007.

“I spoke to them, I believe them. I’m just wondering if all the women need to be believed. I’m concerned that we are being the judge the jury and the cops here and so did Senate Democrats getting ahead of their skis,” Brzezinski said.

Brzezinski’s tweet reacting to Franken’s resignation sparked a barrage of backlash on Twitter calling her out for being a hypocrite.








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