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As media lose their minds about Trump’s Jerusalem move, Brit Hume reminds everyone of 22-year US policy

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Not everyone in mainstream media was furious at President Trump for his historic decision on Jerusalem.

Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The president called the move a decision based solely on common sense.

“Today we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital,” Trump said on Wednesday. “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.”

Trump also said he believed the decision would ultimately lead to lasting peace in the often volatile region.

The decision to break status quo sent mainstream media shills into over drive blasting the President. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went so far as to try to spin the historic move as a plot to help Republican Roy Moore win a special election in Alabama.

Then came Fox News’ Brit Hume’s welcomed voice of reason. Hume took to Twitter to remind everyone that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been law for 22 years. And that Trump’s the only US. President with the guts to do it.

Hume’s tweet wasn’t exactly well received by everyone:

Not everyone, however, shared the “people will DIE” narrative and Hume found a lot of support for his rational observance.

Conservative Ben Shapiro, and one of Trump’s notable critics, heaped rare praise on the president, saying Jerusalem should be under Israel’s control. Shapiro called Trump’s move was an act of “politcal bravery and moral courage.”


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