‘House’ star Hugh Laurie gets wrongly-delivered Christmas package, and we all get hilarious benefit

Former “House” actor Hugh Laurie took to social media on Wednesday fully intent on saving Christmas for some poor family, but ended up providing a few laughs instead.

The saga began when Laurie apparently received someone’s package mistakenly at his home.

Breaking from the dark characters he often portrays, the actor posted a photograph of two of the three items on Twitter in an effort to find the rightful recipient — the caveat being they would have to name the missing third item.

“Doting parent/uncle/aunt – I was sent your parcel by mistake, and can’t find any way of sending it back to Amazon to make sure you get it. If you can name the third item, I’ll post it to you direct,” Laurie tweeted.

All of which set off a comical campaign to guess the third item that accompanied the Science book and a game called “Speak Out Kids vs Parents.”

Here’s a sampling of some of the hilarious responses from Twitter:



Tom Tillison


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