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Scott Baio speaks out for first time in response to sexual abuse claims on set of ‘Charles in Charge’

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A series of mysterious allegations by a former child star have shocked fans of classic TV. Scott Baio was messaged publicly by a former child star on the hit show he appeared on “Charles in Charge.”

Tasos Katopodis/WireImage via Getty Images

Alexander Polinsky, who got his acting start in the ’80s sitcom “Charles in Charge,” directed a vague tweet to former lead actor Scott Baio late last week, in which he made reference to unspecified “physical, mental, verbal & sexual abuse.”



Polinsky posted several follow-up tweets over the subsequent days asking for help contacting Baio.



Polinsky’s tweets were shared by fellow “Charles in Charge” start Nicole Eggert, who has said she had a romantic relationship with Baio in the ’80s.

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Baio responded to Polinsky’s allegations through the National Enquirer.

“Unfortunately, I have no idea what incident or incidents Alexander may be describing. I am told by my advisers that the only appropriate venue for reporting these crimes is a special bureau set up by the Los Angeles police department, and we will be in touch with them shortly to share this article. I urge Alexander to contact them directly, as they investigate many such circumstances quickly and with sensitivity.”

It is unknown if the sexual abuse referred to in Polinsky’s tweets pertain to Baio directly or to an alleged incident on the set of “Charles in Charge” that Baio may or may not have known about.


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