Ana Navarro comes up with twisted new name for GOP as she melts down over unwavering Moore support

CNN’s Ana Navarro slammed President Trump and the RNC for supporting Roy Moore, saying the GOP now stands for “Grand Old Perverts.”

“They’re not the party of Lincoln, they’re the party of Roy Moore and the Grand Old Pedophiles!” Navarro fumed on CNN (video below). “They’re Grand Old Perverts who are willing to compromise morals and conviction and decency for a vote. That’s the message they’re sending.”

The GOP stands for “Grand Old Pedophiles,” said CNN contributor Ana Navarro. (Images: Twitter)

Navarro said that by supporting accused sexual harasser Roy Moore, Republicans have “changed their tune” and become “hypocrites.”

The Nicaraguan immigrant made the remarks with a straight face, despite the fact that she pals around with accused rapist and alleged pedophile/pervert Bill Clinton.

Ana Navarro has dramatically raised her profile during the past year, thanks to her role as CNN’s token anti-Trump minority “Republican.”

Thanks to her obsessive Trump-bashing and willingness to be used as the token “Republican Latina Trump hater” for her liberal overlord, Navarro now has a large following — among leftists.

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Meanwhile, Twitter clapped back at Navarro, with many calling her a RINO sellout.

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