WH reporter who dropped shade on Sarah Sanders’ pie has conspiracy theory about Christmas Party’s timing

April Ryan is so glad she wasn’t invited to the White House Christmas party that she devoted an entire video to gloating how glad she was.

“No, I wasn’t invited, and I am so good!” Ryan puffed on YouTube. “I had not planned to go anyway.”

Ryan then resorted to her usual talking point, which is to play the victim card.

“The White House has placed a target on my head,” the CNN contributor bloviated. “I will not break bread with someone who considers me the enemy and puts a target on my head.”

It’s unclear why Ryan made a fuss about not being invited, since CNN boycotted the event. The boycott delighted White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who cheerfully shared the “good news” on Twitter.

April Ryan insists she’s being targeted by the Trump White House while ignoring her own pattern of vicious and petty attacks against the administration.

Two weeks ago, Ryan was widely mocked on social media for suggesting that Sarah Sanders — a Southern mom — did not bake her own pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

“Show it to us on a table,” Ryan demanded. Bless her heart.

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Three weeks before that, Ryan was shut down by Sanders after implying the Trump administration supports slavery.

Ryan has a long history of race-baiting confrontations with Trump staffers, both black and white. In February 2017, she got into a heated argument with White House official Omarosa Manigault that almost turned physical.

Wow, April sounds like a dream party guest.


And don’t forget the above flashback gem: April Ryan doesn’t know the difference between “net worth” and “annual income.” Yet she’s a CNN contributor and a White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks.

Samantha Chang


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