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ABC News issues major correction to report ‘candidate’ Trump instructed Flynn to contact Russians

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ABC News’ “bombshell” report concerning former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s willingness to testify then-“candidate” Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials contained one crucial error.

Donald Trump was “President-Elect” at the time.

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This is a crucial difference, since all transition teams for incoming administrations engage in initial foreign affairs contacts before taking presidential office.

The initial report sparked uproar around the country and even caused the DOW Jones to take a 300 point dive before eventually recovering most of the deficit at the end of the day, according to Fox News.

The error lingered all day until around 6 p.m., when ABC’s unnamed source “clarified” the information to say that Flynn was instructed to contact Russia after, not before, the election to “repair relations” and work “jointly against ISIS.”

At first, ABC called the update a “clarification” via Twitter, but then deleted the post and issued a formal correction, according to CNBC.

Political observers were dismayed by the correction, since it fueled an avalanche of claims that this legitimated the “Russia collusion” narrative the mainstream media has been pushing since President Trump stepped into then Oval Office:

On Friday, Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI, and has agreed to “cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators.

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