Longtime radio host Garrison Keillor fired just hours after WaPo publishes his defense of Al Franken

After Matt Lauer’s firing at NBC on Wednesday morning elicited a stir in the news media, another long-time vanguard of liberal journalists has met the axe with his employer at Minnesota Public Radio.

Garrison Keillor.

NPR announced that the radio host was accused of “inappropriate behavior” in the workplace, and cited Minnesota Public Radio’s response:

In a statement released Wednesday, the NPR member station says it learned of the allegations in October and has retained an outside law firm to investigate them. That investigation is ongoing.

In statements to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Keillor said that he “put [his] hand on a woman’s bare back” and alleged that he had been groped by dozens of female fans.

Renowned for his years as host of the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” the liberal host’s termination coincides with a piece the author wrote defending Al Franken from sexual harassment accusations.

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The Washington Post piece? “Al Franken resign? That’s absurd.”

In it, Keillor excused the image of Franken groping USO tour personality Leeann Tweeden as “low comedy,” while explaining that Franken’s actions were taken “from deep in his heart, out of patriotism.”

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“On the flight home, in a spirit of low comedy, Al ogled Miss Tweeden and pretended to grab her and a picture was taken,” Keillor wrote.

“Eleven years later, a talk show host in LA, she goes public, and there is talk of resignation,” he continued. “This is pure absurdity, and the atrocity it leads to is a code of public deadliness. No kidding.”

Keillor can now explain his apologies for liberals’ inappropriate behavior to anyone who will listen. But it won’t be on Minnesota Public Radio.

Meanwhile, Al Franken remains a member of the U.S. Senate.

Kyle Becker


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