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After HLN calls special ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal,’ the real Monica hits back with a better title

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Monica Lewinsky blasted CNN’s sister network HLN for touting an upcoming TV special called “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal.”

Lewinsky tweeted: “Fixed it for you. You’re welcome,” after crossing out the words “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” and replacing them with “The Starr Investigation. The Clinton Impeachment.”

The withering comeback comes amid growing condemnation of former president Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky when she was a White House intern from 1995 to 1996.

Many top Democrats now say they believe Lewinsky was a victim and that Clinton should have resigned once the affair became public.

Instead, he and his wife Hillary Clinton vehemently denied the sexual relationship before Bill ultimately confessed following an investigation that cost taxpayers $80 million.

monica lewinsky bill clinton white house
(Photo: screenshot)

In December 1998, Congress impeached Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice, but the Senate later acquitted him of the charges.

In October 2017, Lewinsky outed herself as a victim of sexual harassment by tweeting the hashtag #MeToo in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

Monica — who famously kept the blue dress that Clinton allegedly ejaculated on during a sexual encounter — also previously dated CNN host Jake Tapper.

“The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” will run on HLN December 3.

The Clinton-Lewinsky retrospective comes as sordid sexual harassment allegations have roiled Capitol Hill, the media, and Hollywood.

Last week, several women came forward to accuse Democratic Congressman John Conyers of sexual harassment and abuse.

One unnamed woman received a $27,000 settlement after filing a lawsuit alleging Conyers fired her after she refused to have sex with him. Conyers’ office recently confirmed that the payout was made using taxpayer money.

monica lewinsky bill clinton oval office photo
Monica Lewinsky had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton when she was a White House intern. Hillary responded by calling Monica a “narcissistic loony toon.” (Image: screenshot)

In sworn affidavits, three other former employees accused Conyers of groping them inappropriately, repeatedly pressuring them for sex, and asking one to touch his penis.

Conyers —  who has been a congressman since 1965 — is also accused of using taxpayer funds to fly women to his hotel room or apartment for sex.

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Meanwhile, Twitter had a mixed reaction to Lewinsky’s smackdown of HLN (warning: profanity). Some felt she was a victim, while others said she was a willing participant.

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