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ABC’s Cokie Roberts: low class woman OK with Moore because they’re used to being raped or assaulted

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ABC News political contributor Cokie Roberts is confident Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore will prevail now that President Donald Trump weighed in on the race with some stinging criticism of Moore’s Democratic opponent.

The journalist also explained why lower class Republican women may still cast a vote for Moore, despite a number of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

…other than the fact that people simply don’t trust the media.

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One of the things to keep in mind is, in the base, even women are suspicious about these sexual harassment claims,” she said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“And part of the reason for that is that women who are not in fancy white collar jobs often have really awful things happen to them on the job,” Roberts continued.

“They are assaulted. They are raped. They have horrible things happen to them,” she said. “And so when they hear women say, ‘he talked dirty to me,’ or ‘he came on to me,’ they think, ‘big deal. That’s not what happened to me,'” she said. “‘What happened to me is so much worse.’ And so there’s not that same sense of affinity.”

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The position is not only insulting to working class women, but to professional women who all too often DO have “awful things happen to them on the job” — even on Capitol Hill.

But then, Roberts knew that because she said so when discussing Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who has been charged with sexual harassment.

“Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know,” she said of Conyers. “And every female in the press corps knew that, right. Don’t get in elevator with him.”

One thing is certain, Roberts’ elitist, class-driven comment stirred social media users, who were quick to pan her “sexist, stupid claptrap.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:





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