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‘Oh Lawd!’ WH reporter April Ryan attacks Trump supporters Diamond and Silk with racist insults

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Let them eat pie!

The real privilege in America may be the immunity African-Americans have to attack members of their own race who dare to venture off the Democratic plantation.

Amid the Thanksgiving scandal of Pie-gate, where American Urban Radio Networks’ White House correspondent April Ryan suggested a pie baked by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was fake, avid Donald Trump fans Diamond and Silk found themselves the subjects of racial insults from the journalist.

After Sanders served up a delicious reply to Ryan’s contemptuous allegation, saying it was Ryan’s news that was fake, not the pie, Diamond and Silk, aka Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — entered the fray to pile on.

“The only thing [] knows how to cook and serve is the very fake news,” the said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

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The joust proved to be more provocation than Ryan could bear, as she fired back on Twitter.

“Oh wow slow news day. Now the fruit loop factory with Rock and Burlap chimes in. Fake! Oh Lawd ! You guys are walking and talking fake! Merry Christmas!” the White House correspondent tweeted.

Fruit loop an interesting choice of words, given an interview former President Barack Obama did with YouTube personality “Glozell” that was widely praised on the left.

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But Ryan wasn’t quite finished insulting Diamond and Silk, opting to re-tweet racially insensitive tweets mocking the black Trump backers as minstrel performers, as seen here:

To the surprise of few, MSNBC resident racist Joy Reid came to Ryan’s defense, calling Diamond and Silk “vaudeville acts.” Ryan loved the support and proved just how much of a liberal zealot she really is in doubling down on her claim that Sanders’ pie was fake.

Racist insults of Diamond and Silk by other black personalities suddenly proved to be the fad, with one such example here.

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