Donald Trump crushes CNN with a simple comparison to Fox News. When CNN responds… WHOA

President Trump has made no secret of his opinion of CNN but his latest jab at the cable news network had to leave a mark.

In a stinging tweet on Saturday, Trump compared CNN to Fox News and declared the left-wing network the loser.

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

The president called out CNN International for peddling its “fake news” internationally and said they “represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly.”

Trump’s latest attack on CNN comes as a potential merger between AT&T and Time Warner has caused tensions to escalate as the president even expressed his opposition to the merger earlier in the week, The Hill reported. AT&T was reportedly being told by the Justice Department to sell off either CNN’s parent company or DirecTV in order to get the merger approved.

The president’ s tweet prompted a scathing response from CNN.

CNN staff also took to Twitter, as CNN anchor Jake Tapper and national security correspondent Jim Sciutto defended the network against Trump’s attack.

Former Bush speechwriter, David Frum even suggested Trump’s tweet was a “direct attack” on journalists’ safety.

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But CNN found little sympathy from Trump supporters who were ready to set the record straight on the network’s “fake news.”

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