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Democratic pollster does outreach on MSNBC: The Republican Party is a ‘domestic terror group’

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Appearing on a program critics may call domestic terror in and of itself, a Democratic pollster said the Republican Party isn’t a political party, but “a domestic terror group.”

Naturally, this occurred on “AM Joy,” a weekend show hosted by MSNBC resident racist Joy Reid.

SG Reid

Democrats reserve the right to frame the debate and define the opposition — how can you possibly lose the argument with rationale that allows you to vilify those who don’t agree with you — and Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi did just that while talking about the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Amandi let loose on the GOP over the program, having the audacity to call them “anti-children,” even as his own party openly advocates for on-demand killing of millions of unborn children.

“I think it leads to the question, is it any surprise that the party that’s pro-pay for play, pro-Putin, and now with Roy Moore, pro-pedophilia, the fact that they’re anti-children, is that any surprise? I don’t think it is,” the pollster said.

“This is emblematic, this CHIP scenario, where you mentioned 9 million children, children, without health insurance.” Amandi added.

The zealot was just getting warmed up, knowing he can espouse his left-wing rancor on the network with no push back or expectation of rationality.

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He said the American people should ask themselves what has the Republican Party done in the last 10 years?

“This is not a political party. This is a domestic terror group,” Amandi said, as the host sat silent.

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Not content with calling the entire Republican Party terrorists, he said the American people should “vote them out and consider possibly afterwards locking them up.”

A better example cannot be found of just how dangerous the progressive left would be to the cause of freedom, should they ever have their way in America.


Tom Tillison


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