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Behold the sad wreckage of this department store after Black Friday mob descends on it like locusts

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By: Henry Rodgers, DCNF DCNF

Hundreds of shoppers shattered a department stores glass doors while trying to gain entry into the shop on Black Friday.

A video was released of the incident in Cape Town, South Africa which shows three men trying to hold the door shut, as a crowd of hundreds outside were trying to force their way in, pushing up against the glass doors until the workers couldn’t keep them out anymore.

A massive crowd flooded into the store, bending the frame on the door and shattering the glass. Customers were pushing each other to try to get to the front of each other.

Game, the department store in Cape Town, sells a variety of different items including trampolines, tools and televisions, which can all be found on their website.

A video posted after the madness shows the destruction done to the front of the store, which did not close down.

Authorities have yet to announce if any arrests occurred following this incident.

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