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Twitter explodes when NFL player kneels at Thanksgiving Day game – while military hero sings anthem

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It’s one thing to carry out a national anthem protest. It’s another thing to do it on a sacred national holiday. It’s even another thing altogether when you do it while a military hero sings at a national venue.

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Yet, that’s what the NY Giants’ Olivier Vernon chose to do at a Thanksgiving Day game versus the Washington Redskins. (Direct all hate mail to Roger Goodell if you consider that team name to be PC blasphemy.)

As Vernon chose to ruin the holiday spirit, as well as disrespect a military veteran while he was singing the national anthem, the dwindling number of NFL fans willing to put up with the shenanigans took to Twitter:

He was not alone:




The NFL is going to continue to find out that if their product includes insulting all Americans loyal to the country, a lot of people are going to exercise their right to free speech by clicking the games off.

Kyle Becker


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