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Insiders say Congressional Hispanic Caucus is a harmful nest of discrimination and bigotry against GOP

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The Congressional Hispanic Caucus should change its name to the Democratic Hispanic Caucus because it discriminates against Republicans. That’s what conservative Latinos say.

“It’s time for the Hispanic Congressional Caucus to realize that being a Latino is not a partisan issue,” Rachel Campos-Duffy wrote on FoxNews.com.

rachel campos duffy sean duffy rnc convention 2016
Rachel Campos-Duffy and Congressman Sean Duffy spoke at the 2016 RNC. (Image: screenshot)

Campos-Duffy, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, is the wife of Republican Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin.

She slammed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus for snubbing Congressman Carlos Curbelo of Florida by denying him entry to the group simply because he’s Republican.

“The caucus was once a bipartisan group, but has been made up of only Democrats for the last 20 years,” Campos-Duffy noted. “The group’s lack of diversity is telling. The discrimination it practices towards those with different political views is insulting and un-American.”

Congressman Curbelo also rebuked the group, saying the caucus’s rejection “sends a powerful and harmful message of discrimination, bigotry, and division.”

It’s ironic that the caucus rejected Curbelo since he was one of the first Republicans to discuss impeaching President Trump, even though he admitted he’s not sure that Trump has committed any impeachable offenses. So he actually has a lot more in common with Democrats than he does with Republicans.

While Democrats have repeatedly warned minorities, especially blacks and Latinos, that the GOP does not represent their interests, Rachel Campos-Duffy said her experience has been the exact opposite.

“For years, fellow Latinos have tried to tell me that the Republican Party doesn’t represent me,” she wrote. “In reality, it is the Democratic Party that is unwilling to hear my opinions, preferring to bully and shame Latinos into becoming liberals.”

(Image: screenshot)

Campos-Duffy said this blatant exclusion is hateful and ignores the growing number of Hispanics who are politically conservative. “Once again, Democrats reveal that liberal tolerance is a myth,” she wrote.

Over the years, the Democratic Party has aggressively pandered to minorities in a bid to increase its voting bloc. Liberals did this by repeatedly calling all Republicans racist, even though Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan.

To this day, a common liberal tactic is to paint all Republicans as white supremacists and racists. While the “white supremacist” moniker has become trendy since President Trump took office, Democrats have previously used the insult to attack Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Ronald Reagan.

Liberals even call blacks who disagree with them (like NBA star Charles Barkley and HUD Secretary Ben Carson) “white supremacists.” For decades, this ploy has worked, but many minorities have begun fighting back.

Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens said blacks are being brainwashed with anti-white propaganda that’s being pushed by race-baiting liberals. These leftists foment anti-white rage among blacks to manipulate them into voting for Democrats.

“BET [Black Entertainment Television] is what these guys are looking at every single day,” Owens told Fox Business. “It’s owned by a white corporation, Viacom. For the last 15 years, they have been flooded with anti-white, anti-American, anti-flag [propaganda] … everything they need to make sure [blacks are] energized when it comes to election time.”

He added: “[The enemy] is not each other. It’s Marxist, liberal Democrats who use my race to get power.”

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