Sally Kohn’s going up against Al Franken and nobody’s laughing now

Sally Kohn’s going for broke.

Sally Kohn often gets fired up while arguing her liberal view points on CNN and other networks. Image: Screen shot.

The growing allegations against Democrat Senator Al Franken are proving too much for the liberal elite to defend. In a blistering tweet launched Wednesday morning, Kohn called for Franken “to go.”

The writer and political pundit also demanded that Democrats show “they strongly and consistently stand for women’s rights.”

Really? Kohn’s message is telling given the suspicious timing.

Last week, numerous liberals suddenly had a change of heart when it came to decades-old sexual assault allegations against former President Bill Clinton. For years, leftists lectured from their soap boxes about feminism while giving their biggest and most adored political ally an essential free pass.

Now that Hillary Clinton lost her chance to become president (twice!) and sexual misconduct charges have been brought against an outsider Republican senate candidate Roy Moore, some in the liberal media have finally gotten serious about sexual harassment from their own.

But, Kohn’s calling for Franken’s removal enraged many of her fans, and the deep political divide was all too apparent in the responses:

Kind of like how many conservatives have aruged the left has done with Moore? Could it be the reason for Kohn’s tweet and the sudden condemnation of Bill Clinton by Hillary voters and the MSM?

Perhaps, but there were some who saw Kohn’s tweet as simply a refreshing moment of common sense.

Ironically, conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham took a very different position from Kohn Wednesday night. Ingraham also called for “consistency” but said it should be up to the voters in Alabama and Minnesota to decide if they want to elect or reelect Moore and Franken.

Al Franken and Arianna Huffington. Photo by Matt Carasella/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Kohn’s reaction also flies in the face of liberals Arianna Huffington and Joy Behar, who have both been photographed being groped by Franken. It’s a revelation the two liberal feminists have treated as a joke.

But, no one is laughing now.



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