Malia Obama ‘busted’ partying at Harvard-Yale game… but it wasn’t kissing a boy that’s making waves

Like father, like daughter.

In the annals of college freshman antics, Malia Obama getting “busted” for partying while tailgating before the annual Harvard-Yale football game is tame.

When you’re the daughter of Barack Obama, you can expect anything you do to draw attention — much to the chagrin of said daughter, who once asked an elderly woman seeking a photograph if she was going to treat her “like an animal in a cage.”

SG Mailia smoking

But its what Malia had in her mouth that evoked the idea that she was caught doing something naughty — and we are not talking about the tongue of the young man she was making out with.

No, we’re talking about a cigarette.

Given Michelle Obama’s disapproval of Barack’s smoking, and the difficulty in which he had dropping the nasty habit, not to mention an unmistakable health risk involved, Malia smoking is a lose-lose, no matter how you look at it.

This isn’t the first time Malia has been caught on camera smoking something, as seen last year at Lollapalooza — it’s up for debate what she was inhaling.

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But then, that’s a familiar debate, given the infamous photo of her father as a young college student:

Turns out, the former first daughter had so great a time last year at Lollapalooza she returned this year… and appeared to outdo herself:

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Sure, one might say she’s just being a young college student. But it’s also inevitable that the daughter of the ex-president will be in the limelight, and have all her actions compared to that of a role model.

Tom Tillison


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