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Laura Ingraham has hands down best reason why Al Franken should not resign

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Laura Ingraham says leave it to the voters.

Amid a slew of sexual misconduct allegations and compromising photos, Democrat Senator and “funny man” Al Franken is having a really bad week.

Numerous calls for Franken’s resignation and ouster have been launched against the embattled Dem, but conservative Ingraham said, not so fast.

“I don’t think he should resign and here’s why,” Ingraham said, on Fox News Channel’s the Ingraham Angle.  “I think the voters are the ones who should decide this in the next election cycle. They elected him.”

Ingraham agreed with guest and Democrat strategist Richard Goodstein that it should be up to the voters to decide if the charges against Franken warrant his removal.

Ingraham’s second Democrat guest, Robin Biro, disagreed with them both, arguing it’s time for Franken to go. Biro said Franken has used language in his “apologies” that suggests he’s is acted innaproriately “so many times that it’s normalized.”

According to several compromising pictures that just resurfaced of Franken and Arianna Huffington, Biro may have hit the nail on the head.

But, Ingraham explained that Franken’s previous career as a comedian and Saturday Night Live star automatically sets him apart as a little bit different.

Image: Video screen shot.

Longest-serving current Dem congressman accused of disgusting acts, and you paid to shut the women up

“But [voters] kinda knew what they were getting with Al Franken,” she said. “Not saying he was doing the groping pictures, but they elected him. Let them unelect him.”

Ingraham apparently is not letting her personal feelings about Franken cloud her judgement. The Fox News host said she’s met Franken on several occasions and has been less than impressed.

“I don’t personally like Al Franken. He’s never been particularly nice to me,” Ingraham recalled.

“We don’t agree, but I find him personally when I’ve debated him in the past very, very nasty. At the same token, I actually don’t think he should resign.”

Ingraham broke with Goodstein who argued that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore should be removed from the election because of decades old sexual assault allegations.

“The voters should decide Alabama,” Ingraham said. “The voters should decide Minnesota. I think the voters ultimately re-elected Bill Clinton in 1996 and they seemed to forgive him after.”

You can watch Ingraham argue her point below:

[wpvideo oT6yreki]


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