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Florida veteran creates ultimate reminder of American spirit out of Hurricane Irma debris and it’s awesome

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This is the American spirit at its best!

After months of cleaning up debris in the wake of Florida’s monster Hurricane Irma, one family saw opportunity, where many others might have only seen devastation.

Some of the devastation in Osceola County, Fla.

Irma had decimated many of Frank Etchevarria’s trees, but he and his wife were determined to make good of the last and biggest one that was left has a huge stump in their front yard, Fox 35 reported.

The tree was severely damaged and posed a danger if left on its own. That’s when Etchevarria remembered a local artist with an amazing talent.

Etchevarria called chainsaw artist Sam Knowles after he recalled seeing some of his work at a neighbor’s house. But, the artist wasn’t commissioned to sculpt just any old thing out of the damaged tree. Etchevarria wanted something truly American.

“Yep, we got good out of this one,” Knowles said.

The men admired and told the story of the freshly painted statue while showing a Bald Eagle grasping the American flag to Fox 35.

Etchevarria is a Marine Veteran who not only wanted to display his patriotic pride, but also wanted to remind his neighbors, still reeling from the effects of Irma, that beauty and new life can be found within difficult times.

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Knowles shows off the patriotic art he just finished. He has his own business aptly named, Chainsaw Art.

“A piece of beauty comes out of a traumatic event,” Etchevarria said.

Etchevarria had Knowles carve two smaller eagles and other wildlife out of nearby smaller trees.

But to this day, the American flag lifted by the American spirit always manages to come out on top.

You can watch the inspiring clip from Fox 35 below:


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