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Despite more evidence of Al Franken’s ‘groping,’ SNL women sign letter of support for Dem. Senator

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Women who say they know what it’s like to work with Al Franken have come out in solidarity to support the embattled Democrat senator.

Three dozen women who worked at Saturday Night Live claim Franken had treated them with the “utmost respect and regard” in an open letter statement.

The statement came as newly surfaced photos of Franken inappropriately grabbing Arianna Huffington emerged.

Al Franken and Arianna Huffington.Photo by Matt Carasella/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Huffington defended Franken’s actions in the photos, and brushed it off as a long running joke between the two. But the Huffington photos only sparked more anger over the already viral photo of Franken groping a sleeping former Playboy model.

screenshot al franken gropes leeann tweeden

The woman in the photo, Leeann Tweeden, accepted an apology from Franken, but it sparked a flurry of allegations and incriminating photos when she accused him of  “groping” and “forcibly kissing her.” A second woman also accused Franken of being a major “creeper” for allegedly grabbing her bottom while the two posed for a photo at a Minn. State Fair.

Actress Jane Curtain was an original cast member of SNL and vouched for Franken. Image: vintage SNL screenshot.

The letter-signers include female SNL producers, writers, cast and crew who acknowledged Franken’s “foolish” actions in regard to Tweeden,  but say they only knew the former comedian as a devoted family man.

The statement reads:

While Franken’s former co-workers came out in support, not every liberal is on the Democrat’s side. Political commentator Sally Kohn ignited a firestorm when she called for Franken to resign or be fired, and conservative Laura Ingraham turned heads when she said voters should ultimately decide Franken’s political fate.




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