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As sexual harassment claims mount, Charlie Rose FIRED from CBS for ‘extremely disturbing’ behavior

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UPDATE: Charlie Rose has been fired from CBS News. Here is the internal memo explaining the liberal journalist’s “extremely disturbing and intolerable behavior”:

My, how far the mighty have fallen.

Rose turned heads in NYC when TMZ caught up with the embattled journalist TV host.

Charlie Rose is the latest liberal elite to get slammed with salacious allegations of sexual misconduct. But when TMZ caught up with a disheveled looking Rose on the streets of New York City, the  liberal icon tried to brush the whole thing off.

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When the TMZ reporter confronted Rose about the alleged wrongdoings against multiple women, all Rose could mutter out was: “It’s not wrongdoings.”

No doubt, Charlie Rose was never so happy to see his doorman, who was quick with a smile and an ushering in of Rose into his swanky safe space.

Wait, what?

Rose, no doubt, was trying to deny that he had committed any “wrongdoings” but the allegations against him were serious enough to get him fired from his longstanding gig with “CBS This Morning.”

Longest-serving current Dem congressman accused of disgusting acts, and you paid to shut the women up

Eight woman accused Rose of serious sexual harassment, including unsolicited sexual contact, and walking around naked in front of them. Yuck! The accusations have landed Rose in hot water, and PBS also indefinitely suspended the production of his new show.

In another statement, Rose had claimed that not all of the allegations against him were accurate and issued a jaw dropping response to the growing scandal — which only made his short comment to TMZ all the more puzzling.


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