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Piers Morgan is hot over Florida church’s bold warning to would-be shooters

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In the wake of deadly church shootings across the country, one Florida church is publicly refusing to allow its congregants to become victims.

So naturally, gun-grabbing Brit Piers Morgan doesn’t approve.

The sign, posted on every door at The River at Tampa Bay Church, has actually been up for a year, but only went viral when Senior Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne posted a picture of it on his Instagram account after the Texas church massacre.

“Welcome to The River at Tampa Bay Church — right of admission reserved — this is private property,” the sign reads. “Please know this is not a gun free zone — we are heavily armed — any attempt will be dealt with deadly force — yes we are a church and will protect our people.” Signed, “The Pastors.”

According to Fox News, [Associate Pastor Allen] “Hawes has his own concealed-carry weapons permit, and said those armed during services that draw over 1,000 could include parishioners with concealed-carry permits, private plainclothes guards, or uniformed deputies hired for security.”

“If you think you are going to come here and do that, this is a deterrent for you because it is everywhere, it’s not like we hide these signs,” Hawes said. “They’re big signs, and it’s going to tell these people, we will protect our people.”

We’re not sure what could possibly be wrong or in any way un-Christian about that. After all, aren’t they merely trying to prevent bloodshed by warning others about the possibility of danger? Piers comes from a country where the right to self-defense is virtually non-existent, so perhaps that explains his worldview, but that didn’t stop him from getting rightfully hammered for his criticism.




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