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CNN’s Brian Stelter claims Trump’s message to ungrateful UCLA dad is ‘race-baiting’: Someone needs dictionary

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CNN pundit Brian Stelter (a.k.a. – “Humpty-Dumpty”) should buy himself a dictionary for Christmas.

Stelter, who apparently doesn’t know what “race-baiting” means, accused President Trump of doing it while engaging in race-baiting himself.

“It sure looks like race-baiting,” Stelter said of Trump’s tweet storm against ungrateful dad LaVar Ball.

Stelter made the remarks during an appearance Sunday on “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield,” where they discussed Trump’s recent tweets about the three black UCLA basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting.

President Trump personally intervened with Chinese President Xi Jinping to secure the release of LaVar Ball’s son, LiAngelo, and his two UCLA basketball teammates, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill.

ucla shoplifters lavar ball son liangelo ball

At a press conference last week, the athletes thanked President Trump for his help.

However, LaVar Ball said there’s no reason to thank Trump. “Did he go visit them in jail?” Ball asked. “If you went to visit them in jail then I would say, ‘thank you.’”

That’s when Trump fired back on Twitter, saying he should have let Ball’s son rot in jail. There was no mention of race in any of Trump’s tweets about the incident.


Liberals like Brian Stelter won’t give Trump any credit for securing the release of three shoplifters, who could’ve rotted in jail for years given China’s atrocious record of human-rights violations.

Like “Humpty-Dumpty” Stelter, many leftists have called President Trump a racist for blasting critics like LaVar Ball. Meanwhile, they gloss over the fact that he intervened to help three black youths when he didn’t have to.

“I think it’s immature at best, but it’s really race-baiting at worst,” Stelter said. “I want to put that on the table: it sure looks like race-baiting to a lot of people.”

brian stelter fat humpty dumpty
Brian Stelter bears a striking resemblance to the “Seinfeld” character George Costanza. (Image: forum)

Here’s how Webster’s Dictionary defines race-baiting: “the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group.”

When Trump slammed LaVar Ball as ungrateful, he wasn’t attacking all black people. His Twitter diss specifically and only mentioned LaVar Ball. How is that “race-baiting” or “racist?”

No one called former president Barack Obama “racist” when he didn’t help white American Otto Warmbier, who spent 17 months in a North Korean jail for stealing a poster.

Trump eventually intervened and secured Warmbier’s release in June 2017, but he died just days after returning home amid reports he had been tortured in North Korea. Otto was just 22 years old.

Trump hits back at anyone who attacks him, regardless of their race.

The president has criticized countless white people: John McCain, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, and Mark Cuban, to name a few. He attacks whoever attacks him. It may be immature, but it’s not racist.

Meanwhile, Twitter slammed Brian Stelter — who’s a dead ringer for George Costanza — for his race-baiting remarks, which defy logic.

Ungrateful basketball dad LaVar Ball fires back at Trump: ‘Did he go visit them in jail?’

Hey, remember when Trump blasted his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions? Was that race-baiting too?

CNN’s Jake Tapper slams colleague Brian Stelter for loose ‘journalistic standards’

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