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Weinstein had Hollywood ‘hit list’ of 91 names; the sinister thing he was doing to those who had dirt on him …

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If you believed Harvey Weinstein could not be any more treacherous than he has been exposed to be, think again.

According to a report by The Guardian, the disgraced director had a hit list of 91 people in Hollywood for his investigators to target in the event that any of them were to out him as the sexual deviant he is.

The hit list consisted of actors, producers, publicists and others, and the volume of the list shows that his proclivity for attacking women was well known in the industry.

Names on the list including those who have accused him of sexual assault, like Rose McGowan, Sophie Dix, Annabella Sciorra, Laura Madden and Katherine Kendall.

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The list appeared to be made by the director and disseminated to his investigators in an effort to keep his behavior a secret, months before reporter Ronan Farrow’s expose.

Investigators were to collect information on the targets and give that information to Weinstein and his attorneys, according to The Guardian.

A note on the list showed that Madden had been investigated and was described as “very bitter” against the director.

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The Clintons are long-time friends of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Image: Getty

The list showed that Weinstein knew that the New York Times was gathering information on him.

In addition to the actresses, the list also named former employees Kathy DeClesis and Lauren O’Connor, both of whom have accused the director of harassment.

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It also included filmmaker Brett Ratner who has been embroiled in his own sexual abuse scandal with accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct coming against him from six women.

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