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BREAKING: NY Gov Cuomo named in sexual harassment lawsuit filed on Saturday

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Lurking in the shadows of the tsunami of sexual harassment claims is the reality that there are plenty of enablers who were aware of the alleged inappropriate behavior.

And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among those who turned a blind eye to the abuse, according to a woman who leveled sexual abuse charges against high-ranking Cuomo appointee Sam Hoyt, a top economic development aide for the governor.

Lisa Marie Cater filed a lawsuit Saturday in a Manhattan federal court, naming Cuomo and Hoyt as defendants, according to the New York Post — the Democratic governor is accused of repeatedly ignoring Hoyt’s “horrific acts.”

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Cater claims Hoyt got her a job at the DMV and used this to “manipulate, sexually harass and sexually assault” her, and that she was met with “deliberate indifference” by Cuomo’s office on at least six occasions when she complained about the behavior, The Post reported.

Naturally, Cuomo’s office disputed the claim that they ignored Cater’s complaints.

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“When Ms. Cater reported a complaint regarding Mr. ‎Hoyt … it was immediately referred to the State Employee Relations Office for an investigation,” Alphonso David, Cuomo’s counsel, told the Post. “At the same time Mr. Hoyt was instructed to have no further interaction with the complainant and to cooperate fully with the investigation.”

Cater agreed to a $50,000 but said she broke it when she saw Cuomo officials publicly praising Hoyt.

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