Trump shocks world by drinking Fiji water after trade statement. Then, a startling revelation…

President Trump made headlines Wednesday, not for his first speech at the White House since returning from Asia, but for the fact that he drank from a bottle of water during his remarks.

And not just any water.

Reporters were all over Trump for taking “2 sips” from a bottle during his speech on foreign policy, hydrating with Fiji water which is sourced in the South Pacific nation. Another round of critics lambasted the optics of the water bottle following Trump’s talk on trade deficits.

But former Fox News host Eric Bolling offered some clarity – and simple research.

Which prompted others on Twitter to back up the revelation.

The debate over the choice of water the president drank continued on Twitter as did the hysteria over the simple act of drinking during his speech. Many recalled Trump mocking Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the time he took a sip of water during a State of the Union session in 2013.

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Rubio got in on the commentary Wednesday, jokingly assessing Trump’s form as he drank from the bottle.

The U.S. is the world’s largest importer of FIJI Water according to the official website for the compnay which was founded in 1996.

The Wikipedia page for FIJI Water was even temporarily edited to read, “Fiji Water is the first official thirst quencher of Donald Trump.”

The Fiji Water company has not yet responded to all the new attention thanks to President Trump.


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Frieda Powers


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