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NFL’s Monday Night Football ratings are one for the record books – and not in a good way

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As NFL ballers continue to “fight the power,” a significant slice of the public continues to show them exactly where the power is – ratings, and ultimately pocketbooks.


If any NFL product could be called a consistent success, it’s Monday Night Football, but even those numbers have been markedly down of late. Consider Week 10’s match-up of pretty decent teams, Miami and Carolina, a match-up that drew a measly 6.2 rating, the fourth worst since ESPN began their Monday broadcasts in 2006.

Compared to last year’s rating at the same time, that represents a full 22 percent decrease.

Another of the four, Week 6’s Titans-Colts game, came this year and did even worse than Miami-Carolina with a 6.1 rating.

While the Titans-Colts match-up had to contend with a highly rated MLB playoffs, Miami-Carolina had no such competition. And what’s worse, the game didn’t even do well locally, recording a 12.1 rating in Miami that was a full three points lower than the weekend’s Miami Hurricanes game.

As to whether the NFL should be concerned, Yahoo Spots writes:

Plummeting ratings have raised concerns across NFL front offices and league headquarters, with good reason. Still, the NFL remains the top draw on television by a long shot, and the league’s declines are in line with the decline in ratings across all of TV. So while the declines are an indisputable fact, it’s not entirely clear whether they’re due to the NFL’s own actions—permitting protests, scheduling terrible teams in prime slots—or forces beyond the league’s control. There’s plenty of data for all sides in this story to spin a narrative however they wish.

Put it this way, the NFL was a ratings powerhouse, seemingly oblivious to the overall television trends, before Colin Kaepernick and his ilk decided that making pointless political statements was more important than respecting the patriotic sentiments of the majority of their fanbase.

Keep it up, NFL…

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