News watchers are in absolute shock as CNN declares Trump’s Asia trip a ‘success’

Hell has officially frozen over. CNN begrudgingly praised President Donald Trump, calling his Asia trip a “success” (headline below).

cnn donald trump asia trip success

Naturally, CNN tempered its passive-aggressive compliment by snarkily claiming the Asia trip was successful was because everyone had such low expectations of Trump.

“President Donald Trump flies home Tuesday after an Asia trip that went off without major incident and generally met critics’ low expectations,” CNN reported.

The story continued: “If the primary purpose of Trump’s visits to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines was to shore up relations with those countries and their leaders, the trip can be judged a success, even though actual policy wins were in scant supply.”

Some Trump supporters were stunned that CNN actually gave Trump some credit for a job well done.

Predictably, Trump haters slammed the characterization of his Asia trip as a “success,” claiming it was an abject failure.

One Twitter user claimed South Korea “hates” Donald Trump. (N.B. – I’m South Korean and all my extended family live there. For the record, Koreans do not “hate” President Trump.)

Still other haters said they wished Trump had stayed in Asia.

Meanwhile, the pictures don’t lie. While there were a few protests during his visit to South Korea, most Koreans like Trump. So do many Chinese and Japanese.

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Meanwhile, here’s some more of CNN’s insightful Trump news coverage:

While the American media constantly trash-talks Trump, he is deeply admired and respected in China, the undisputed rising superpower.

After Trump visited Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week, Japan announced it will impose additional sanctions on North Korea.

Similarly, after his chat with South Korean President Moon Jae-in (a liberal), South Korea agreed to purchase billions of dollars of military weapons from the United States. That is a two-pronged victory for the US: South Korea arms itself against North Korea, and Trump just created more jobs for Americans.

Trump China Forbidden City.
President Donald Trump is the first foreign leader in history to dine in China’s Forbidden City. That is an honor no U.S. president has ever received. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

During his visit to China, Trump urged President Xi Jinping to take additional steps to neutralize North Korea. Since Trump took office, China has done more to isolate and pressure its ally North Korea than it ever did during the Obama presidency.

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Despite the American media’s constant trashing of Trump’s brash style, his unconventional diplomacy actually produces results. Chew on that.

Samantha Chang


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