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Former VP Joe Biden: There’s an ‘attack on our system… it goes beyond President Trump’

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While Joe Biden won’t commit to saying he will run for president in 2020, he has no doubts about who he thinks should not be in the White House.

The former vice president told Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” Monday that he hoped the Trump presidency would be “the single exception” when people look back at the nation’s history.

“I think, God-willing, it will go down as the single exception in American history,” he said, assuming he could speak for all Americans when he noted they are worried about “the stability of the republic.”

“There’s an attack on our system. I think people are worried. It goes beyond President Trump, in my view,” he said.

If Hillary Clinton had won the election, Biden noted, “we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“We’d have a good president. We’d have a president who understands the role of the presidency. She would’ve been somebody who would, in fact, weave that fabric,” he said with a straight face.

Discussing his new book and how the nation is faring one year after Trump’s election victory, Biden said he believes  what is currently unfolding in the U.S. is a “battle for the soul of this country.”

“How many of you are now worried about the stability of the republic? How many are now worried about this new phony nationalism and its ‘us against them’? How many are worried about this populism designed to essentially undermine the essence of the Bill of Rights?” Biden asked.

As for rolling up his own sleeves and answering the prayers of Democrats and liberals by running for office, Biden wasn’t ready to commit.

“I want to focus on Beau and my grandkids,” he said, referring to his son Beau who died of brain cancer in 2015.

“We’ll see where it goes,” he added.

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