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Idiotic driver shouts ‘I’m in a high speed chase, bro!’ and livestreams police’s dangerous pursuit

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An Oklahoma man who took police on a wild high-speed chase thought it’d be cool to broadcast the chase live on social media.

Brenton Hager, driving a stolen pick-up truck, was being pursued by police for more than two hours, according to Denver-based Fox affiliate KDVR. Driving at high speeds across fields, Hager ran right through sections of fencing.

“Hey, hey, you want to see me on a high-speed chase?! I’m in a high-speed chase, bro!” the idiotic Hager is heard saying in the video.

Hager’s aunt, Ashlee Rodriguez, who admitted the stunt was about “attention,” called him during the chase to beg him to stop.

“I call him just to ask him to see can you just stop? You’re making it worse,” she told KDVR. “Everything you’re going to do… you’re magnifying it and just the stress of…he’s going to be shot.”

Rodriguez said Hager, released from a maximum security prison last year, is addicted to drugs.

SG Hager

“It’s not an excuse but, 100 percent, the drugs,” she said. “It really takes your soul and you become a completely different person.”

She gave an indication of just how desperate her nephew was.

“I said, ‘They’re going to shoot you. They’re going to light you up.’ And he said, ‘That’s what I want.’”

Fortunately, he was taken into custody without incident.

A summary of the 2-hour plus chase is seen in the ABC Action News video below:

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